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The Tank Museum
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The Tank Museum is open daily 10.00 - 17.00

Christmas closure dates: The Tank Museum will be closed on the Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day. The Museum IS open on New Years Day.






The Tank Story

Follow the story of the tank, from its invention in 1915 through the 20th Century and into the future. Guided by accounts from veterans, you’ll see 35 of the most important tanks in history, with a fascinating supporting collection housed in a vast state of the art multimedia exhibition.

Hear the stories of those who fought in and against these vehicles; from the Trenches in France to the streets of Basra.

Find out how this important British invention has helped shape world history.

Audio Tour


New for 2014! Warhorse to Horsepower

Explore the rise of the tank and the role of the cavalry in the mud of the Western Front in an interactive and immersive experience.

Hear the stories straight from the horse’s mouth!

Find out more at our dedicated Warhorse to Horsepower page.

The Trench Experience

Walk in the footsteps of a World War One Soldier – from the recruiting office
to the front line trenches.

Find out why the tank was invented to break the stalemate on the Somme

See the first tank attack in history.

Battlegroup Afghanistan

The men of the Royal Armoured Corps have been involved in some of the fiercest
fighting since World War Two. Now they tell their story.

Explore a recreated Forward Operating Base, experience the living conditions of the modern solider.

See a range of new vehicles used in Afghanistan.

Hear first hand accounts from soldiers who have fought there.

The Discovery Centre

The broadest and finest collection of tanks in the world; almost 150 vehicles representing 26 countries spanning 100 years of history.

Interactive stations explain the concepts of armoured warfare and the Activity Zone gives the kids an opportunity to get creative. For stories of courage and sacrifice, see our medal exhibition.

Understand the impact of the Army on Dorset and the history of Bovington; including an exhibition about T.E Lawrence and his time in the Tank Corps.

Find out how tanks have changed throughout history and how different tanks are used in different ways.

Learn what it is like to be a tank crewman in the cut-in-half Centurion.

THe Arena

Our arena is our external exhibition space where during the April, May, Summer,
October School holidays visitors can watch Tank Action displays.

Visitors can even find out for themselves how it feels to ride in a tracked vehicle.

For a list of special events like our Tank Action Displays and TANKFEST, click


The Vehicle Conservation Centre (VCC) houses over 100 vehicles, many of which have never been on public display before.

Normal access will allow visitors to experience the Conservation in Action exhibition from the viewing gallery.

Full access to the floor of the VCC, allowing you to get up close to the vehicles, will be available during...
Access all Areas Tankfest Tiger Day The Tank Museum Experience Day