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Carro-Veloce 3-33 and trailer (E1951.43)


E1951.43 - CV3-33 flamethrower -  -  - 7047-037

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A Small but Deadly Flamethrower
A pre-war design, based upon the British Carden-Loyd Carrier, these tiny vehicles were built and used in vast numbers by the Italian Army in World War 2. They had been employed by the Italians in Ethiopia and Spain and sold to other nations including Hungary, China and Brasil. Against unarmoured troops they had some potential but confronted by tanks, or even armoured cars, they were death traps.

Our exhibit, which was captured in North Africa, is a flamethrower version which carried 500 litres of flame fuel in a special two-wheel trailer. Fuel was delivered by a pump, driven off the gearbox, which gave it a flaming range of about 40 yards. In fact the pump was so weak that crews were instructed not to use flame, when driving at full speed, for fear of setting themselves alight.

Although a number of these flamethrower carriers were captured in the Tobruk area there is no evidence from British sources of them ever being used. The tiny vehicles were very cramped inside and must have been ghastly, when closed down, in the desert. Add to that the risk of having fuel pumped through the centre of the vehicle and any reluctance to use them is understandable.

Other Numbers

4351 Original Accession
6139/A1, 6139/A2, 6139/A3, 6139/A4, 6139/A5, 6139/A6, 6139/B1, 6139/B2, 6139/B3, 6139/B4, 6139/B5, 6139/B6, 6139/C1, 6139/C2, 6139/C3, 6139/C4, 6139/C5, 6139/C6, 6139/D1, 6139/D2 Photograph

Military unit

Italian Army

Country of Use

Italy (1933-1945)
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Object Production

Manufactured 1933 FIAT-Ansaldo Italy


World War 2


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Current Location

BOVTM - B18 - WW2 Hall - Desert Section (Moved here on 15/07/2009)
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Part NameDescriptionNotes
Tracks/WheelsFull Tracked
Armament - Main Weapon TypeFlamethrower
Armament - Secondary Weapon Type8 mm Machine Gun
EngineFiat CV3-005, 4 cylinder in-line
SuspensionArticulated with laminated quarter elliptic springs
Transmission4 Forward, 1 Reverse


Part NameDimensionValueUnitPrecisionNotes
Crew Number 2
Overall Weight 3.2 tons
Speed - Road Maximum 42 kph
Fuel Type Petrol
Engine Output Power 43 bhp @ 2400 rpm
Fuel Volume 62 ltr
Range Radius 120 km
Armour Thickness Maximum 13.5 mm
Overall Length 3.2 m
Overall Width 1.4 m
Overall Height 1.28 m
Projectile Volume 60 ltr Additional 500 litres carred in trailer
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