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M22 Locust (E1949.334)


E1949.334 - M22 Locust - WW2 Hall - 2013 - 8959-B1
E1949.334  - M22 Locust - T9E1

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Landed by Glider on the Rhine.
Designed by the Marmon-Herrington company of Indianapolis, USA, this little tank was intended to be airportable in the C-54 Skymaster aircraft. The idea was to lift off the turret, load that into the plane and then clip the hull under the fuselage, hence the large clevises on each side.

The Locust was powered by a Lycoming, six-cylinder, air-cooled petrol engine which gave it an excellent top speed but by the time they started coming off the production line, in 1943, the tanks were out of date. None were ever used in combat by United States forces.

A few were supplied to Great Britain during the war and were used by 6th Airborne Reconnaissance Regiment for 'Operation Plunder' the Rhine Crossing. These were transported in Hamilcar gliders, like the Tetrarch tanks on D-Day, so there was no need to remove the turret.

Originally known as T9E1 primarily designed for transportation and possible tactical movement by air transport depending on the carrier. The tanks were either transported whole or by removing turret.

Other Numbers

33449 Original Accession
1005 Original Entry
T158979 Serial

Main utility type


Country of Use

U.K. (1942)
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Object Production

Manufactured 1943 Marmon Herrington Co. United States


World War 2


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Current Location

BOVTM - B18 - WW2 Hall - Rhine Crossing
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Part NameDescriptionNotes
Tracks/WheelsFull Tracked
Armament - Main Weapon TypeGun - 37 mm Gun QF
Additional FeaturesAir portable
Armament - Secondary Weapon Type7.62 Browning Machine Gun
EngineLycoming 0-435T, 6 cylinder
Transmission4 Forward, 1 Reverse
SuspensionVertical Volute Spring


Part NameDimensionValueUnitPrecisionNotes
Crew Number 3
Overall Weight 7.32 tons
Speed - Road Maximum 35 mph
Fuel Type Petrol
Armour Thickness - Hull Maximum 13.00 mm
Main Gun Calibre 37 mm
Engine Output Power 192 bhp @ 2800 rpm
Fuel Volume 57 gall
Range Radius 110 ml
Overall Length 3.94 m
Overall Width 2.25 m
Overall Height 1.84 m
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