A7V Replica Added To Collection

29th November 2012

A7v Added to collection

The Tank Museum has acquired a working replica of a German First World War tank.

The full sized A7V replica, which is set to go on display over the Christmas period, was built in the UK by armour enthusiast and Tank Museum Friend Bob Grundy.

A7v with CrewMuseum spokesman Nik Wyness said; “With the World War One centenaries approaching, we are delighted to have a working example of this unusual looking machine. It will be a great compliment to the working British Mk IV tank replica we acquired from the production team of `War Horse` earlier this year.”

The A7V (shown right with 12 man crew) was the first German tank design to see service when it was introduced in March 1918. Only 20 were built, and only one original has survived.

“The sole original A7V is on display in an Australian Museum, and whilst there is another replica in the German Tank Museum this is the only one that actually runs,” said Nik.

SchnukThe replica, which is a construction of plywood and angle iron on the chassis of an agricultural tracked vehicle, is identical in appearance and named `Schnuck` after one of the originals.

`Schnuck` was captured by New Zealand soldiers in August 1918 before being displayed in London. It was sadly broken up for scrap in the early 1920’s (shown right) – around the same time The Tank Museum was being proposed in Bovington to preserve examples of the first British tanks.

“Whilst this is only a cosmetic replica, it will still give visitors a perspective on the German response to the tanks fielded by the British in World War One,” Nik added. “Whilst it was a pretty poor design, it is still an essential part in the story of the tank, not least because the A7V was a protagonist in the first tank versus tank battle with a British Mark IV.”



Visitors to TANKFEST in June 2013 will have the first chance to see it in action, as it takes to the arena alongside the Museums Mk IV replica. For more information about TANKFEST click here.

MKIV and A7V
The replica MkIV and A7V side by side

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