Albert Edward Walton

Cpl. Albert Edward Walton, MM

Born into a large family where he was one of six boys, Albert was encouraged to pursue a career in the army and to take advantage of the education offered to serving personnel. During this time Albert married Ethel and became a father to June and Sylvia. Also during this period the country went to war. Albert fought bravely as a soldier which was recognised by the award of a Military Medal. He was captured by the enemy and spent time in a PoW camp, much to the relief of the family who initially were informed that he was missing in action, presumed dead.

Through the army Albert made many friends and gained qualifications that later enabled him to return to mainstream employment first with the Police Force serving as a Detective Sergeant with the Transport Police and later, to end his career with the Inland Revenue where at work he suffered a heart attack and died.

Tales of valour

Military Medal

On 21st November, in the attack on Tiger, L/Cpl. Walton was operator and loader in Lt. Castle's tank. Lt. Castle was wounded, L/Cpl. Walton succeeded in evacuating Lieut. Castle and then took command of the Tank, and continued to command the Tank and load the gun as well. In a counter attack that was staged to relieve the Black Watch, he again commanded and fought his tank with the utmost skill and dash, though still one member of the crew short. The following day, in the attack on Dalby Square, again his driver was wounded. He was now in command of the Tank, and succeeded in readjusting the positions of the crew inside the Tank and continued to command and act as loader until the objective was gained. The resource, skill and dashing leadership of this junior N.C.O. is beyond praise, and in an attack such as the above when every tank counted, his devotion to duty is worthy of the highest commendation.


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