Ernest Peter Hogg

Taken from an "Interview with Ernest Hogg - His Experiences from 1938 to 1947" by his daughter Carole Joan Hogg.

Evacuated from London (Wimbledon) in 1939 at the age of 14 to Arundel, Sussex, but returned soon after to work for the Council as a Messenger Boy for the Air Raid Precautions Service. This continued for a year followed by 2 years with his sister in Putney.

As soon as he was 18 he was called up in March 1944. After six weeks of basic training he went to Durham for tank training and was then posted to Belgium. His Regiment (1st Royal Tank Regiment) advanced through Belgium and Holland finally crossing the Rhine into Germany. Finally being posted to Berlin as part of the occupying Allied Forces.

Before demobilisation, as a Corporal, he ran the first Regimental Bank at Detmold Barracks, Germany.

1939-45 STAR

Country: United Kingdom1939 - 45 Star This star was given for service between 3rd September 1939 ...


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