J.A.V. Churchill

Tales of valour

Military Cross

Military Cross

CHURCHILL John Abel Vivyan, (Temporary 2nd Lieutenant)

4th Battalion Tank Corps.

During the action along the Luce Valley on August 8th 1918, this officer handled his tank with great gallantry and skill.
He assisted in the capture of Demuin, after which he proceeded along the Luce Valley to Cayeux. He showed great daring in the way he fought hostile machine guns and many times cleared the way for the infantry when they were unable to advance against heavy machine gun fire. Suddenly encountering a hostile battery, he handled his tank so skilfully that he dispersed the personnel of it and enabled the guns to be captured by the infantry.
On August 9th, he again took his tank into action at Beaucourt, and again engaged a battery of field guns at a range of 200 yards. This battery obtained direct hits upon his tank, wounding most of the crew; nevertheless this officer remained at his post and, with the help of his two unwounded men, continued to fight his tank.
He set a splendid example of cheerfulness under most trying conditions.


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