E.A. Jupp

Tales of valour

Military Medal

Military Medal

JUPP Edward Albert (W/S Corporal)

48th Royal Tank Regiment

On 2nd September 1944, “A” Squadron 48th RTR was ordered to seize Pieve (W) S 006819. The troop in which Corporal Jupp was a tank commander was directed onto the high ground to the left of the road to outflank an anti-tank gun. On arrival it was found impossible to locate the gun and further manoeuvre was precluded owing to the nature of the ground. He therefore dismounted in order to stalk and locate the anti-tank gun. He returned shortly after with two prisoners and information that the anti-tank gun had now withdrawn.
On 4th September 1944, Corporal Jupp was taking part in the attack on S Maria (W) R922993. During the action his tank was disabled and further offensive action was impossible from his position. Though the area was swept by fire, Corporal Jupp with complete disregard for his own safety and despite several narrow escapes proceeded to collect wounded infantry from the area and took them to the Regimental Aid Post, only returning to his tank when all had been collected. The initiative and coolness of this NCO has been repeatedly brought to my notice. He has shown personal courage of the highest order. By his determination he has always succeeded in taking offensive action or saving lives, beyond his normal duty as a tank commander.
His cheerful bearing and devotion to duty have been an inspiration to all who were with him.


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