Sidney Forrest

Born: 21st January 1911
Died: 1st June 2000

Joined Coldstream Guards whilst still single. He then lived at Camden Street, Birmingham.

Married (in uniform) Sunday, 1st June 1941, St. Peters Church, Broad Street, Birmingham; to Winifred Alice Coton.

Served in North African Campaign - Tobruk, El Alamein, in Reconnaissance Corps, with Desert Rats and 8th Army.

"I was told my father returned to U.K. in 1943 and my aunt seems to remember him wearing hospital blues. My father accidentally mentioned once being blown up but would not expand on this saying 'forget it, it was a long time ago'. He continued to serve in the army at Bovington Camp and Catterick Camp and was not demobilised until the war was over.

He was very proud of his Christmas Tree beret badge as it was nicknamed."

1939-45 STAR

Country: United Kingdom1939 - 45 Star This star was given for service between 3rd September 1939 ...


Country: United KingdomAfrica Star This star was given for one or more days service in North Africa ...


Country: United KingdomDefence MedalIssued to service personnel for three years' service at home or ...


Country: United KingdomItaly Star Issued for operational service at any time between 11th June 1943 ...


Country: United KingdomWar Medal 1939 - 1945 Awarded unnamed to all full time personnel of the ...