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Mortimore Company
In memory of Captain Harold Mortimore, the first man to take a tank into action.
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Joshua Lawrence Nico Wächter Fran Thompson
Nathaniel MacDonald Lachlan Vaelioja Niclas Jacobsson
Liam Wilcox
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Andy Osborne Adam Tichnor
Admiral Fettgesicht David Steel
Michael Robinson
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Black Watch
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YurkaOperator Adrian Jakubiak
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Michael Finn
WS Scott Boyd
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Michael Krüger Benjamin de Groot
Raging_Mad_Viking Michael Finn
Goran Lowkrantz
Edward Collings
Phillip Simonsson Yoerl Qulk
Friedrich Klett Robert Dicken
Tony Miliusis Aaron. T.
Admiral Fettgesicht David Eggleston
Philipe Laurent Cristian Acierno
Timothy Wilson
Mick Ribton
Christopher Cope
Michael Stim
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Ulrich Peter
Mattias Sjösvärd Declan Buchanan
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