Keep in touch with the latest updates for TANKFEST 2017!

TANKFEST is the biggest and best display of armour in the world. Tickets for TANKFEST 2017, 24-25 June, are now SOLD OUT.

Check this page regularly for all the latest news on Guest vehicles and other TANKFEST entertainment.


/cms-images/JagdpantherTwo rare Second World War German tanks, a unique French First World War tank and a running Churchill tank have all been confirmed as guests for TANKFEST 2017. For more information on the vehicles click here


/cms-images/Greg Walton2The Tank Museum is pleased to announce that Greg Walton, formerly Captain Gregory Walton, 1st Armoured Division, will be giving a talk about his experiences on both the Saturday and Sunday of TANKFEST, inside The Tank Museum.

Walton served with the US Army on the M60 and M1 Abrams in the Gulf War and his appearance is an exciting additon to the programme.


/cms-images/Living History

TANKFEST wouldn’t be TANKFEST without the involvement of the Living History Community, where visitors can step back in time to meet `soldiers from the past`. Meet reenactors portraying German, British and American soldiers in the Living History area.

Groups in attendance will be:

  • Volkssturm V-3
  • US 29th Infantry Division
  • Fallschirmjager Kampfgruppe
  • Royal Union Rifles
  • Grenadier Regiment 916, WW2 LHA
  • Screaming Eagles
  • 1st Infantry Division, WW2 LHA
  • WWII Africa Korps (Heia Safari)
  • FJR5
  • WWI Living History Group
  • 2nd Guards Rifle Division
  • 1st Dorset Regiment
  • Just Ordinary Men (Airborne Recce Unit)

Live Entertainment

As well as displays in the arena, TANKFEST will feature several live entertainment acts, including The Land Girls. The Land Girls are a 1940's style duo singing songs ranging from The Andrews Sisters through to Gracie Fields with a whole lot in between. With their tight harmonies, stylish choreography and authentic costumes, The Land Girls will send you on a unique trip down memory lane which will leave you smiling and singing for hours after!


The TANKFEST event programme and vehicles listed to take part are subject to health and safety, operational, weather and mechanical considerations. The Tank Museum reserves the right to amend or modify the programme, or withdraw vehicles, at any time without notification when reasonably required in accordance with its own best-practice procedures or those of exhibit owners. 


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