ASCE: Tiger Collection Edition

Go behind the scenes at the Archives and Supporting Collection to learn their involvement in the new Tiger Collection Exhibition

If you have ever wondered how the Museum preserves and stores its most delicate and precious artefacts, this exclusive experience allows visitors a rare opportunity to participate in an in-depth, behind closed doors, guided tour through the Archives and Supporting Collection, looking closely at artifacts related to the Tiger tanks. 


Hear how the Tiger exhibition was conceived and put together from the Exhibitions team who will deliver a talk on the process behind the creation of ‘The Tiger Collection.’ The design, research and installation of the exhibition, including veteran interviews and preparing objects for display will be covered in this 40 minute presentation.

The second talk will discuss and focus on the capture of Tiger 131 and how new research has led the Tank Museum to re-examine its own document holdings in light of the newly discovered evidence and how these documents support a new chapter in our understanding of this iconic tank.   

 Show and Tell seminars

Here you will have the chance to examine Supporting Collection items related to the Tiger and its adversaries.  These will include secondary armament such as machine guns, main armament ammunition, as well as anti-tank weapons such as the Boys and Panzerbusche 39 anti-tank rifles, and shaped charge weapons like the Bazooka, Panzerschreck and PIAT. In addition, get close and personal to a wartime Tiger recognition model, Notek light and two types of Jerry cans! Learn how the items are cared for and what conservation practices we employ.


Experience a hands-on behind the scenes tour of the Archive and Supporting Collection. You will see, at first hand, the extent of the archives books, documents, maps, technical drawing and photographic and film collections. You will also have the chance to examine the Archive’s maps, drawings, manuals and documents related to the Tiger and other German armoured fighting vehicles.

From the Archive you’ll be escorted to the Supporting Collection where you will be guided through the stores witnessing at first hand the scale and breadth of the Tank Museum’s collections. You will have the opportunity to gaze upon the Museum’s rare collection of bespoke models and artworks and marvel at our uniform collection as you meander through the myriad accoutrements of war amassed in the stores.

The experience will last for half a day
commencing from 8:30am and concluding at 1:00pm. 

Also included in your ticket:

·         Entry to the Museum on the day

·         12 Month Annual Pass to the Museum (excluding special events)

·         Breakfast upon arrival and a short mid-morning break between the tours.

·         Complimentary Tank Museum Guidebook and 10% Shop discount voucher (Valid for that day only)

Dates for 2017

Friday 3rd November

Price: £60 per person.
Book your tickets online HERE or call 01929 405096 ext 212.

This experience is limited to 24 people per session.

Recommended age 14 and over. Children aged 16 and under must be accompanied on the tour by a full paying adult.

Refund policy: Once purchased, tickets cannot be transferred, exchanged, refunded or returned unless the event is cancelled, moved to another date or details of the event are significantly changed after an order has been placed.