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E.F. Meacock

Born : 1904
Died : 1985

Tales of valour

Military Medal


7937932 Cpl Ernest Frederick MEACOCK

3 RTR : 16 July 1942

On 16 July 1942 in the area 878279 the tank commanded by this NCO was disabled by enemy anti-tank fire. As the tank was being hit repeatedly, Cpl Meacock decided to evacuate his crew. In the face of heavy fire, this NCO dismounted and supervised the evacuation. After seeing his crew safely under cover, Cpl Meacock, still under heavy fire, walked to his Squadron commander's tank and reported. It was decided to tow the tank. While fixing the tow rope, Cpl Meacock was wounded.

Throughout this period and after he was wounded, Cpl Meacock's first thought was for the safety of his crew and the recovery of his vehicle. There is no doubt that his behaviour in the face of heavy fire was instrumental in saving his crew and was of great encouragement to those around.

I therefore recommend this NCO for an immediate award of the DCM

LtCol Hutton, CO of 5 RTR

Immediate MM Awarded