Arthur Rogerson

Tales of valour

Military Cross and Bar

Military Cross : For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty while in command of a section of tanks at Fontaine on 23rd November 1917. This officer was in the leading tank which entered the village. Finding that the infantry were unable to follow, he took his tanks back and, getting out, sought the O.C. Infantry concerned.

He again advanced into the village, but the infantry were still unable to follow. He dealt with several machine gun emplacements and strong points in the village and again returned to the infantry.

He walked along the line to see the officer in command and found that the infantry were about to consolidate the line then held. At this time he found that the tank in which he was riding was short of petrol. he had some spare tins on the tank and, accompanied by one of the crew who volunteered, they proceeded to fill the petrol tank, which is on the outside of the tank, the while time being subject to machine-gun and rifle fire.

He again went forward and covered the consolitation of the line.

This officer showed a total disregard for his personal safety and set a fine example to his men.

Bar to Military Cross : During the operation of 8th August 1918, south of Morcourt, Captain Rogerson displayed conspicuous courage and skill in maintaining touch with his section of tanks, going on foot, under heavy machine-gun fire, from one to another, directing their operations in front of the infantry until his objective was taken. While the line was being consolidated, all his tanks received direct hits whilst patrolling in front. He calmly rallied the surviving members of the crews and led them back to the infantry line.

Throughout the action Captain Rogerson showed fine judgment and a complete disregard for personal danger.


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