The Tank Museum | Recipient

William Francis Aspinall

Killed in Action : 21st April 1943

Buried in Medjez-el-Bab War Cemetery

Aspinell was a gunner in a Churchill tank commanded by Lt Lott attacking the German positions that contained the Tank Museum's Tiger 1 and a number of Pz III’s. Aspinalls tank came across a Pz III, - knocked this tank out, but in turn they were hit by a 75mm round – perhaps from an anti-tank gun. The tank immediately exploded, the commander, Captain Lott, and his operator were able to bale out though badly burned but Aspinall, the driver and co-driver were all killed. Moments later another Churchill belonging to Lt Gudgin was hit by an 88mm round – almost certainly fired by our Tiger 1. The round passed down the length of the Tank but luckily killed none of the crew who were able to bale out. Peter Gudgin was wounded and later after recovering from his wounds he was given the task of writing the report on ‘our’ Tiger 1 after it had been returned to the UK.

1939-45 STAR