The Tank Museum | Recipient

D.E. Evans

Major David Esmonde Evans, OBE, GM, 91999
Died: July 2008

From donor's letter:
"Trained in Bovington in 1938/1939, and at the outbreak of war his battle orders were to take a tank from the museum and proceed with all haste to the location of the expected invasion, there to "engage the enemy".

In the event he did the opposite, and for many years the museum displayed a German tank which he had taken in North Africa. As this was a new machine he had it shipped to England for detailed examination, nearly losing it when the ship on which it was being carried (the MV Georgic) was destroyed by enemy action in Port Said. Although the ship was in fire and listing, he took a floating crane out to it to lift off the tank and so ensured that its innovative design could be studied.

This tank was eventually put on display in the museum, before being returned to the German Army with much ceremony.

After the war was a founder member of STIB in Germany and later in England and his distinguished career led to the award of the OBE."