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B. Hunter

Sgt. Benjamin Hunter, 201212

Tales of valour

Military Medal and Bar

Military Medal:
On November 20, 1917, in the tank operations, this N.C.O. drove his tank with flaps open, although many splinters were coming through. He saw infantry signalling for assistance, and drove his tank very skilfully to their aid, enabling the officer to capture a machine-gun as well as a strong point and eighty prisoners, who were holding out on the Blue Line.

Again on November 27th, at Fontaine, when his tank had received a direct hit, Cpl. Hunter was wounded in the shoulder and hand and taken by the Germans, who dressed him and told him to walk to the Cambrai Road. After proceeding a short way, he turned round and came back into ur lines through heavy machine-gun and rifle fire of both sides. He displayed great determination and pluck all through the operations.

Bar to Military Medal:
When in action near Fraicourt Wood on October 8, 1918, the tank of which this N.C.O. was in charge received a direct hit, which set it on fire. On evacuating the tank he and Private Lewis found they were surrounded by the enemy and cut off from our own infantry. Grasping the situation, with great presence of mind they rushed the nearest enemy post and captured the entire garrison , about twelve in number, whom they brought back and handed over to the infantry.