Thomas C. Wilson

Captain T.C. Wilson, M.C.
11th Battalion, Tank Corps
24th Battalion Tank Corps

Tank Corps Books of Honour gives the name Thomas Cheeney Wilson. The family believe the correct name to be Thomas Currie Wilson.

Tales of valour

Military Cross

For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty in action at Villers Plouich on September 27, 1918. He cleared the way for the infantry up to the final objective. Then, although wounded and with mechanical trouble in his tank, he pursued the enemy for half a mile beyond his objective, killing a great number and enabling the infantry to consolidate. On his return he took the place of a tank which had been put out of action in another part of the line and enabled the infantry to advance. After having done far more than the task allotted to him he volunteereed to stay with the infantry in case the enemy counter-attacked. Throughout the action he manoeuvred his tank with the greatest skill and judgment.


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