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Roy Harry William Lunnon

Tpr. Roy Lunnon, MM, 14409695

Tales of valour

Military Medal

Whilst returning to his tank from a reconnaissance with the battalion commander during the action of Wainggyo Gorge, on 24th December 1944, the squadron leader was seriously wounded. This news was passed over the wireless to the squadron. On hearing this Trooper Lunnon, who was 75 gunner in a tank and knowing that he was the nearest person to the injured squadron leader, immediately and without orders, got out of the tank and ran across the road to his squadron leader.

The road at this point was under heavy and constant small arms fire. Finding the squadron leader seriously wounded, Trooper Lunnon, without thinking of his own safety, returned to the tank for the first aid box. The heavy fire again did not stop him attempting to cross the road for a third time to the aid of his squadron leader. This time he was hit in the thigh by a burst of light machine gun fire, but determined to reach his squadron leader, crawled on across the road to the injured officer, who, unfortunately had died.

Sergeant Benn then moved his tank up to cover Trooper Lunnon and subsequently evacuated him. Although he was in great pain and had lost a lot of blood, Trooper Lunnon remained cheerful and encouraged his crew. This gallant action in trying to save his squadron leader regardless of the cost, is beyond praise and had a most marked effect upon his crew and all those who saw it during an extremely difficult time.