A. Appleby

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Distinguished Conduct Medal

Distinguished Conduct Medal

APPLEBY Allan, (Sergeant)

4th Royal Tank Regiment

Sergeant Appleby was commanding a troop of three ‘I’ tanks and was the left troop of the leading squadron in his attack on “Tiger” on 21.11.41 two of his tanks blew up on a minefield sustaining broken tracks and other local damage. The rest of the Squadron went on. This was at 0700 hrs. Throughout the day the enemy made intermittent attacks with infantry supported by artillery fire from the west. Small arms, mortar and Molotov cocktails were used against him. He repulsed these attacks with energy and initiative, directing the fire of the immobile tanks and manoeuvring the fit tank with considerable skill. During lulls, although continuously subjected to Artillery and Machine Gun fire, he commenced the repair of the tanks, and by nightfall had completed them. He then took in tow another tank which he found damaged by a mine and led them all back within the Tobruk perimeter to the night leaguer and the unit. Sergeant Appleby’s initiative, drive and skill in fighting his troop, although two tanks were immobile, and his devotion to duty in carrying out the repairs while most of the time the troop was under fire set an example of courage and determination which must rank highly in the service. He was acting as a troop commander in place of an officer whose normal command it would be.


Country: United KingdomThe Distinguished Conduct MedalIntroduced during the Crimean War as a ...