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A.H. Baker

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BAKER Arthur Harold, MC (2nd Lieutenant)

No 1 Field Coy, Tank Corps.

2nd Lieutenant Baker directed Tank Salvage operations during the action on the NE sector at Hamel, near Corbie, on July 4th 1918, during which this gallant officer showed great initiative, promptitude of action and gallantry.
2nd Lieutenant Baker went over the top with the assaulting waves of infantry as far as Hamel village, where he found one tank with one track completely ripped off, he organised a party to assist in the heavy labour of lifting the track into position and rendered the tank fit for action in about 4 hours.
There was another tank in Hamel village which had received a direct hit, and 2nd Lieutenant Baker at once started work on this with a party of the Tank Field company. He worked continuously between the morning of Thursday July 4th, zero being 3.10 am, until nearly midnight on Saturday July 6th 1918, with only six hours sleep. During practically the whole time, Hamel village was exposed to heavy shelling and saturated with gas intermittently. Work had to be carried out in gas-masks, and there were six casualties admitted to hospital.
I visited Hamel village to inspect the work, and in order to avoid casualties which would have interfered with further salvage operations, I ordered a temporary withdrawal of 2nd Lieutenant Baker and his party during the afternoon of Friday July 5th, 1918, as the shelling and gassing were so intense. He showed an utter disregard for personal danger and set a splendid example throughout.