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M.G. Castles

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Military Medal

Military Medal

CASTLES Maxwell Gordon, (W/Corporal)

7th Royal Tank Regiment

On the night of 19th/20th October 1944, Corporal Castles was, together with an officer and two other ranks, occupying a position on the Dunkirk perimeter, which was in effect the Head Quarters of a weak platoon. It was sited in a house. He was new to this role, having previously been a technical storeman.
During the night, the enemy put down a heavy concentration that set fire to the ammunition store, thus silhouetting the defenders. Later the enemy attacked in strength, and the other posts were overrun, leaving the Head Quarters isolated. Corporal Castles and 2 other ranks were given the task of defending the windows while the officer defended the door. The enemy attacked with heavy small arms and Panzerfaust fire, and all other ranks were wounded, one mortally.
Corporal Castles, though wounded, fought on, and did heavy execution on the enemy. Eventually all their ammunition was expended. By this time the house was almost completely demolished, and the enemy rushed the position and captured it.
The information of this gallant action has only recently become available due to the return of prisoners from Dunkirk.


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