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L.H. Cronshaw

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Military Cross

Military Cross

CRONSHAW Lewis Hayhurst, (Temporary 2nd Lieutenant)

10th Battalion Tank Corps.

At Bucquoy, on the night of June 22nd-23rd, this officer showed the greatest gallantry and devotion to duty when in command of his tank during a raid. At one period during the advance he found his route blocked by trees, but though he was being heavily trench-mortared at the time and the dust and smoke made it almost impossible to see, he succeeded in finding a way round and reached his objective. Though his infantry escort had been held up, he remained on his objective for the pre-arranged period. On his way home his tank broke down in the middle of the enemy trench mortar barrage, and though continuously fired upon, the tank was repaired after 30 minutes work, and driven to its rallying point.