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Stanley Charles Hadley

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Military Cross

Military Cross

HADLEY S.C. (Lieutenant) (‘Spider’)

6th Royal Tank Regiment

Lieutenant Hadley was troop leader in a squadron supporting infantry (Royal Sussex Regiment) in the assault on Pian de Castello from 6th – 10th September 1944. The attack was made across a river valley from a high feature on our side. Pian de Castello feature is steep and afforded little cover. There was only one possible route for tanks to take and this was in full view of the enemy the whole way, in anti tank gun range and heavily mined. This officer led his troop successfully to the objective, giving maximum support to the infantry despite the extremely difficult ground conditions. The reverse slopes of the feature, which had a good road leading to them from the enemy sides were not cleared on the first day. Self propelled guns were brought up by the enemy to support his counter attacks. Lieutenant Hadley stayed in the forward positions with his troop for four days and three nights. The action of the tanks assisted largely in breaking up the enemy counter-attacks. In all seven counter-attacks were made during the four days, in each one Lieutenant Hadley was heavily engaged. His personal disregard of danger and ability to organise and lead during this trying period under constant fire, enabled him to organise replenishment and make reconnoitre on foot. Without the assistance of this troop the holding of the feature would have been a difficult and costly affair.

Recommended by Lt.Col. A.C. Jackson, Comd. 6th Royal Tank Regiment

Approved : Brig. O. de T. Lovett, Comd. 7 Ind.Inf.Bde.
Maj.Gen. A.W.W. Holworthy, Comd. 4 Ind. Div.
General H.R. Alexander, CinC Allied Mediterranean Forces


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