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F. Maplesden

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Military Medal

Military Medal

MAPLESDEN, Frederick, (Corporal)

50th Royal Tank Regiment

In the Francofonte area on 13th/14th July, this NCO was a commander of a tank of his squadron that was leading an advance through ground occupied by German parachute troops. The country was very bad for tanks, and afforded excellent cover for the parachutists, who were stalking the tanks with sticky bombs and mines and sniping the crews from all angles whenever they dismounted. Throughout this action Corporal Maplesden commanded his tank and fought with the greatest tenacity and coolness. By dawn on 14th July his tank was the only fit one in his squadron, and although completely surrounded he went forward to try to eliminate enemy pockets of resistance and to quell fire from the parachutists’ automatic weapons. He was called on to carry out, alone, several tasks in support of our infantry, and these he did most satisfactorily and with great courage. Corporal Maplesden also rendered invaluable assistance in extricating, under heavy machine gun fire, the crew from a tank that had been knocked out.
Corporal Maplesden’s splendid example throughout this trying period was of great moral value, not only to the men of his own squadron, but to the infantry, who were being hard-pressed in a difficult situation.
I have the honour to recommend that he be given an immediate award of the Military Medal.


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