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R.E.M. Milner

Capt. Richard Elvin Mackendrick Milner, 96091, M.C.

Born in Saltburn, Yorkshire on 19th July 1908 to Elvin and May Milner. Won a scholarship to the Dame Allan School for Boys, Newcastle, which he attended from 1920-1925 and was a Corporal in the school Cadet Unit.

Married Muriel Winifred Walker on 19th August 1937 at Paraish Church Ewell, Surrey but they gradually became estranged.

Prior to enlisting he was working as an Assurance Official in Hexham.

Enlisted to 43rd Royal Tank Regiment, May 1939
Commissioned to 49th Royal Tank Regiment, August 1939
By July 1940 had joined 6th Royal Tank Regiment
Military Cross awarded July 1940
Reported as wounded 6th November 1940

Killed in Action in the Middle East (Western Desert) : 15th June 1941
His tank believed to have been hit by an enemy shell and set on fire.
Commemorated on the Alamein Memorial

Tales of valour

Military Cross

On 6th July 1940, this officer took his own tank promptly to the assistance of a damaged tank, and towed it under heavy fire from 300 yards range of the enemy to safety. On 10th July 1940, he inflicted heavy loss on an enemy lorry column. On 19th and 25th July 1940 he led daring recces through the enemy positions over a period of six weeks, in spite of sickness and lack of sleep, he was bold and accurate in his work and an outstanding example of courage and coolness to all ranks.


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