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G. Percival

Born in July 1919, George Percival was a Territorial with the East Surrey Regiment at Clapham Junction and was mobilised into the 42nd Royal Tank Regiment on the outbreak of war. Following training he accompanied the Regiment to North Africa and commanded a Matilda II in B Squadron when they took part in the action in the Knitsbridge area. George was captured on or about 29th/30th May 1942 and became a PoW in PG73, Northern Italy, and was subsequently shipped to Germany as the allies advanced. Having experienced six prison camps in all, he saw the end of the war in Stalag 357 near Fallingbostel in Germany.

Following liberation and repatriation he married his long term fiancee with whom he had two sons and went on to celebrate a golden wedding anniversary in 1995. Having retired from his post war career in the gas industry in 1984 he continued as an active member of the Royal British Legion and also a life member of the Royal Tank Regiment Association, The Queen's Royal Surrey Regiment Association and a Friend of the Tank Museum. George died of cancer just before his 77th birthday in 1996.

He is still missed by his widow, sons and grandchildren and, in the fullness of time, will have his adventures recounted to the great grandchildren he never knew.

1939-45 STAR