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J.A.C. Richardson

Major J.A.C. Richardson, 66188, 6th Royal Tank Regiment
Son of Maj.Gen. A.W.C. Richardson, CB, DSO and Agnes Richardson (nee Thackeray) of Fleet, Hampshire

Captpain and Adjutant, 2nd Battalion, Royal Tank Regiment
British Expeditionary Force, 7th Armoured Division, September 1940, Middle East Force
Benghazi Campaign, February 1941
GHQ Cairo, February - September 1941
Staff School Haifa
G.S.O.2, 7th Armoured Division
PoW for nine hours with the Staff of 7th Armoured Division, but escaped, 1942

Awarded DSO on 9th May 1941 at Beda Fomm.

Killed in Action on 10th July 1942 at El Alamein, aged 26.

Commemorated in El Alamein War Cemetary

Tales of valour

Distinguished Service Order

Distinguished Service Order

RICHARDSON James Alexander Colquohoun, (Temporary Captain, Acting Major)

2nd Battalion, Royal Tank Regiment

For conspicuous gallantry and outstanding leadership from 0930 hours on 6th February 1941 to 1810 hours 6th February 1941. Throughout the critical Tank v Tank fighting in which our Cruiser Tanks were outnumbered by 5 to I - and which resulted in the decisive victory of Beda Fomm, Major Richardson handled the tanks of his Squadron in a brilliant manner. Time after time he broke the enemy attempts to open the road with his tanks. He also defeated by manoeuvre and offensive action several attempts by hostile tank groups to turn his position. By 1130 hours on the 6th his cruiser strength had been reduced to seven and he was given the remaining cruisers of the Regiment with which to form a composite Squadron. With this composite Squadron he continued the fighting and by 1700 hours one other cruiser tank rejoined him, a mechanical breakdown having been repaired, his strength was reduced to six. His own tank was knocked out by enemy fire during the fighting. He transferred to another tank and with utmost coolness and complete disregard of his own personal safety directed operations for the remainder of the day in the forefront of the battle.
The Regiment had destroyed 46 enemy tanks by 1400 hours on the 6th and accounted for more during the remainder of the day, bringing the total up to approximately 70.


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