Francis Arthur Rycroft

Tales of valour

Distinguished Conduct Medal

Distinguished Conduct Medal

RYCROFT Francis Arthur, MM, (W/S Squadron Quarter Master Sergeant, Acting Staff Sergeant Major)

6th Royal Tank Regiment

On 22/7/42, this Warrant officer discovered the existence of an enemy strong point within 500 yards of our forward positions south of Ruweisat Ridge. This strong point consisted of a depression and anti-tank guns and machine guns, the whole surrounded by wire and a minefield. Staff Sergeant Major Rycroft went forward on foot to within 300 yards of the enemy and mapped all the defences. Subsequently he personally directed the fire of the Regiment on the various targets by standing on top of his tank. In the course of this he was wounded, but returned into action immediately after his wounds had been treated. The whole action resulted in the total destruction of eight German Mk III or IV tanks, and several guns without loss to the Regiment, and this success was in great measure due to the resource and disregard of personal safety by this warrant officer.

Military Medal

Military Medal

RYCROFT Francis Arthur, (Sergeant)

6th Royal Tank Regiment

During the actions on 10th and 11th December 1940, Sergeant Rycroft, on two occasions, had to leave his tank under heavy fire, on the first occasion to put out a fire which had started at the rear of his tank and on the second to assist and supervise the towing away of another tank.
His coolness and devotion to duty in the face of the enemy and the complete disregard for his own personal safety were a fine example to all ranks.


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