Knight Commander of the Most Eminent Order of Indian Empire

Country: United Kingdom

The Most Eminent Order of the Indian Empire

Founded by Queen Victoria after assuming the title of Empress of India, it was originally confined to Companions only, together with the Sovereign and Grand Master. It was intended for award in respect of meritorious services in India. In 1886 the order was extended by the addition of Knights Commanders and in 1887 Knights Grand Commanders were added, both of which had limited numbers. The Order has been in abeyance since 1947.

Insignia can include:

Collar chain : silver-gilt, composed of elephants, lotus flowers, peacocks and Indian roses with, in the centre, the Imperial Crown, the whole linked together by chains.

Badge : A gold five-petalled rose, enamelled crimson and with a green barb between each petal. In the centre is an effigy of Queen Victoria on a gold ground, surrounded by a purple riband inscribed 'IMPERATRICIS AUSPICIIS (under the auspices of the Empress).

Star : Composed of fine silver rays, the whole alternately plain and scaled. In the centre, within a purple circle bearing the motto and surmounted by the imperial crown in gold, is the effigy of Queen Victoria on a gold ground.

The ribbon is of imperial purple in varying widths according to rank.