The Tank Museum | Knight Commander of the Royal Victorian Order

Knight Commander of the Royal Victorian Order

Country: United Kingdom

The Royal Victorian Order

This was the last of the Orders instituted in the 19th Century and the award was the sole prerogative of the sovereign for extraordinary, important or personal services. Ladies became eligible for the Order in 1936. The Order was introduced for British and Foreign subjects alike without any political motives and consists of five classes.

The insignia includes:

Neck badge : A white enamelled Maltese cross of eight points, in the centre of which is an oval of crimson enamel bearing the cipher VRI in gold letters. Encircling this is a blue enamel riband with the name VICTORIA in gold letters and above this is the Imperial crown enamelled in its actual colours.

Breast star : Chipped silver of eight points on which is mounted a white enamelled Maltese cross with VRI in a central oval.

The ribbon is dark blue with borders of narrow red, white, red stripes.