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Imperial Service Medal

Country: United Kingdom

Imperial Service Medal

For rewarding long and faithful service in the more junior grades of administrative and clerical grades of the Civil Service at home and overseas this medal was instituted in 1902 by King Edward VII. Women were admitted in 1908. 25 years service at home or 20 years and 6 months in India and 16 years in the tropics were required to qualify except in circumstances of 'eminently meritorious service'. No UK awards have been made since 1995 but some Commonwealth awards continue to the present.

Originally a silver plaque on a bronze star or wreath but since 1920 it has become a circular silver medal with the sovereign's effigy on the obverse and a naked man resting from his labours on the reverse, with the words 'FOR FAITHFUL SERVICE' at the base.

The ribbon is three equal bands of blue, crimson and blue.