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Victory Medal

Country: United Kingdom

Victory Medal 1914 - 1919

Authorised in 1919 this yellow bronze medal, often known as the Allied Victory Medal was issued to commemorate the victory of the Allies over the Central Powers. Never awarded singly, approximately six million were issued, all recipients of this medal also received the 1914 or 1914-15 Stars and most the British War Medal. Personnel mentioned in despatches between 4/8/1914 and 10/8/1920 were entitled to wear a bronze oakleaf emblem on the ribbon. South African Forces received this medal with a bilingual reverse, English and Afrikaans.

The obverse shows a standing figure of winged Victory holding a palm branch in her right hand and stretching out her left hand. The reverse has a laurel wreath around the edge and in the centre is the inscription 'THE GREAT WAR FOR CIVILISATION 1914-1919'.

The ribbon is in the colours of a double rainbow (violet at the edges and red in the centre).