Africa General Service Medal, East Africa 1913-14 bar

Country: United Kingdom

Africa General Service Medal 1902 - 1956

This medal is the longest running British service medal, covering actions over a period of fifty-four years, ranging from North Nigeria in 1900 - 1901 to the Mau Mau campaign in Kenya in 1956 and forty-five bars were authorised. It was awarded in silver, but a few were issued in bronze for some of the earlier campaigns. Apart from the Somali campaign of 1902 - 04 and the Mau Mau 1952 - 56, few European troops were involved, those who were being specialists and detached personnel.

The obverse bears an effigy of the reigning monarch and the reverse has a standing figure of Britannia with the British Lion alongside.

The ribbon is yellow with black edges and two thin central green stripes.