The Tank Museum | Queen's South Africa Medal (Silver)

Queen's South Africa Medal (Silver)

Country: United Kingdom

Queen's South Africa Medal 1899 - 1902

Authorised to cover the Anglo - Boer War, twenty-six bars were issued but the maximum for a single medal to the Army is nine. Approximately 178,000 were issued. Of special interest are medals awarded for the first time to war correspondents and nurses that set precedents for later wars. The original issue had the dates "1899 - 1900" on the reverse, but as the war progressed these were removed but can still be seen as "ghost dates" on some medals.

The obverse shows the Jubilee bust of Queen Victoria. The reverse has Britannia holding the lag and a laurel crown towards a large group of soldiers, with warships offshore. The words SOUTH AFRICA are inscribed round the top.

The ribbon is red with two narrow blue stripes and a broad central orange stripe.