India General Service Medal, Waziristan 1921-24 bar

Country: United Kingdom

India General Service Medal 1908 - 1935

Awarded for a number of minor operations in India before and after World War 1.

Introduced in December 1908, this medal was never issued without one of the twelve different bars that were authorised during the reigns of Kings Edward VII and George V. The medal and bars are silver but two early bars were issued in bronze.

The medals were struck both at the Royal Mint in London and by the Indian government in Calcutta, the only difference being in the claw which suspends the medal, the former being ornate and the latter plain.

The reverse shows the fort at Jamrud in the Khyber Pass. Three different obverses were used : Edward VII, George V with the legend 'Georgius V Kaiser-I-Hind' and George V with the legend 'Georgius V.D.G. Britt. Omn. Reg. Et. Indiae. Imp'.

The ribbon is green with a broad blue central band.