India General Service Medal, North West Frontier 1937-39 bar

Country: United Kingdom

Indian General Service Medal 1936 - 1939

This medal was instituted in 1938 and is the fifth and final of the Indian General Service medals, replacing the 1908 award. Two bars were issued, " North West Frontier 1936 - 37 " and " North West Frontier 1937 - 39 ". The medal was never issued without a bar. The medal was struck at the Royal Mint, London, for award to British Army troops and RAF personnel, but the Calcutta Mint struck the medals awarded to the Indian Army.

The obverse shows a crowned effigy of King George VI and the reverse has a tiger with the word INDIA across the top.

The ribbon has a broad central grey band with a narrow red stripe to either side and wide dark green stripes at either edge.