The Tank Museum | Africa Star, 8th Army bar

Africa Star, 8th Army bar

Country: United Kingdom

Africa Star

This star was given for one or more days service in North Africa between 10th June 1940 and 12th May 1943. For the Army, service in Abyssinia (Ethiopia), Somaliland, Eritrea, Sudan and Malta were also included. Award of this star did not depend on prior qualification for the 1939 - 45 Star. A silver numeral "1" or "8" worn on the ribbon denotes service with the First or Eight Army between 23rd October 1942 and 23rd May 1943 and award of the corresponding 1st Army or 8th Army bars. A bar was also issued for North Africa 1942-43 to Royal and Merchant Navy and RAF personnel.

A six pointed bronze star with the GRI/VI monogram in the circular centre, surmounted by a crown. Inscribed 'THE AFRICA STAR'.

The ribbon is watered silk of blue, white and green representing the ocean.