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Efficiency Medal (King George VI)

Country: United Kingdom

Efficiency Medal

Introduced in 1930, it replaced several earlier medals and is awarded to warrant officers, N.C.O's and other ranks of the volunteer forces. The qualifying period is twelve years and bars are awarded for subsequent six-year periods, war service counting double.

An oval silver medal with the obverse showing the monarch's effigy and inscribed 'FOR EFFICIENT SERVICE' on the reverse. A suspender bar has a scroll inscribed TERRITORIAL or MILITIA (for UK volunteer forces) and overseas forces have the name of the country on the bar. The ribbon was originally green with yellow edges (members of the Honourable Artillery Company have a ribbon that is scarlet and blue edged in yellow).

In 1969 the bar inscribed T&AVR was introduced, along with a ribbon half blue, half green, with yellow edges. The bar TERRITORIAL was resumed in 1982 but the ribbon remained the same. In 2000 this medal was superceded by the Volunteer Reserves Service Medal.