Efficiency Decoration (King George VI)

Efficiency Decoration

Introduced in October 1930 for the Territorial Army (UK), Indian Volunteer Forces and the Colonial Auxiliary Forces. In 1949 the qualifying period was reduced from twenty years to twelve years, with bars for each additional six year period. This decoration became obsolete in 2000 being replaced by the Volunteer Reserves Service Medal.

In the form of an oval skeletal badge in silver and silver-gilt with the crowned monogram in an oak wreath. The suspender bar may denote the area of service. The ribbon was plain dark green with a central yellow stripe.

In 1969 the British bar was changed to T&AVR on the establishment of the Territorial and Army Volunteer Reserve, the ribbon being altered to half green, half blue, with a central yellow stripe. In 1982 the title of Territorial Army was resumed, so the inscription on the bar reverted to TERRITORIAL but this ribbon was retained.