Special Constabulary Medal (Queen Elizabeth II)

Country: United Kingdom

Instituted : 30th August 1919

Awarded to all ranks in the Special Constabulary for 9 years unpaid service, with more than 50 duties per annum. Clasps inscribed "Long Service", with the date, are awarded for additional ten year periods.

A bronze medal with the effigy of the reigning monarch on obverse. On reverse is the text "For Faithfull Service in the Special Constabulary" with a partial laurel wreath. A second reverse was introduced in 1956 for 15 years service in the Ulter Special Constabulary with the text amended to include the word "Ulster". A third type was introduced in 1982 for 15 years service in the RUC Reserve, also with relevant inscription. The ribbin has a broad red central stripe flanked by white, black, white stripes.