Royal Observer Corps Medal

Country: United Kingdom

Instituted - 31st January 1950 but not awarded until 1953

Ribbon : Pale blue ground with a broad central silver-grey/beige stripe edged both sides in dark blue

Obverse: Effigy of the reigning monarch (H.M. Queen Elizabeth II)
Reverse: An artist's impression of a coast watcher of Elizabethan times, holding a torch aloft alongside a signal fire, with other signal fires on hilltops in the background. The medal hangs from a suspender of an eagle with outstretched wings.

Awarded to part-time officers and observers who had completed 12 years satisfactory service and full-time members for 24 years service. A bar is awarded for each additional 12 year period. Home Office Scientific Officers and other non Royal Observer Corps members of the United Kingdom Warning and Monitoring Organisation were eligible for the Civil Defence Medal until being stood down on 30th September 1991. This entailed serving for 15 years alongside ROC members who received their own medal for 12 years' service.