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Army Meritorious Service Medal - King George V

Country: United Kingdom

Army Meritorious Service Medal (Meritorious Service Medal, Army)

Originally instituted in 1845 it also carried an annuity as a reward for distinguished or meritorious service. Prior to 1951 the M.S.M. could only be awarded when an annuity became available - subsequently the medal could be given without the annuity being immediately available. Since 1956 the recipient must have served a minimum of twenty-seven years to be eligible.

A second use for the award was instituted in October 1916 when immediate awards for exceptionally valuable and meritorious service were introduced. In January 1917 this was extended to include individual acts of gallantry not in the presence of the enemy. No annunities were paid with these immediate awards. This was replaced in 1928 with the Gallantry BEM.

The obverse has an effigy of the reigning monarch and the reverse shows a crown and laurel wreath with the inscription 'FOR MERITORIOUS SERVICE'.

The ribbon was plain crimson until 1916, white edges were added for 1916-1917 and since August 1917 there are three white stripes.