The Tank Museum | King Edward VII Delhi Durbar 1903 (Silver)

King Edward VII Delhi Durbar 1903 (Silver)

Country: United Kingdom

Delhi Durbar Medal 1903

Stuck to commemorate the Durbar in Delhi of King Emperor Edward V11 on January 1. 1903. The word 'Durbar' is derived from Persian and means Dar (gate) and bar (court). The Great Durbar was a huge state occasion to proclaim King Edward VII as King Emperor . 140 medals in gold were awarded to Indian ruling chiefs and 2,567 in silver were awarded to government officials, civil servants, Army officers and men, Indian Army, Police and State Forces involved in the celebrations.

Obverse shows a right-facing crowned bust of the King Emperor with 'DELHI DURBAR 1903'. The reverse is a three line inscription in Farsi which translates as 'By grace of the Lord of the Realm, Edward, King, Emperor of India, 1901' with a border of roses, thistles, shamrocks and Indian flowers.

The ribbon is pale blue with three central dark blue stripes.