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Dunkirk Medal

Country: United Kingdom

Obverse: A Shield bearing the arms of Dunkirk (a lion passant above a heraldic dolphin) mounted on an anchor
Reverse: A circle bearing a burning lamp with Dunkerque 1940 beneath, surrounded by a laurel wreath and surmounted by crossed swords; the whole mounted on and surrounded by a laurel wreath.
Ribbon: Chrome yellow with one thin and one wide red stripe each side with two very thin black lines bisecting both sides.

The Dunkirk Medal was made available to veterans of the Dunkirk evacuation and later administered by the now disbanded Dunkirk Veterans Association. It was created by the French National Association of Veterans of the Fortified Sector of Flanders and of Dunkirk and awarded in recognition of the sacrifice of 30,000 combatants between 29th May and 34rd June 1940.