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Legion of Merit

Country: USA

A military decoration of the United States armed forces that is awarded for exceptionally meritorious conduct in the performance of outstanding services and achievments. The decoration is issued both to United States military perjsonnel and to military and political figures of foreign governments. The degree of Commander is awarded only to members of armed forces of foreign nations.

Wreath of green laurel joined at the bottom by a gold bow-knot , a five-pointed white star bordered crimson, points reversed with V shaped extremities tipped with a gold ball. In the centre is a blue disk bearing 13 white stars arranged in the pattern that appears on the United States Coat of Arms, encircled by a ring of gold clouds. Between each star point, within the wreath, are crossed arrows pointing outwards. In the top V is a gold laurel wreath to which connects the oval suspension ring to the neck ribbon.

The reverse of the five pointed star is enameled in white, and the border is cromson. In the centre is a disk for engraving the name of the recipient surrounded by the words "ANNUIT COEPTIS MDCCLXXXII". An outer scross contained the words "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA"

The ribbon is 49mm in width with a wide central band of crimson between narrow white borders.