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Tank Cruiser, Ram Mark II (E1988.23)

Tank Cruiser, Ram Mark II
vehicle info
Precise Name
Tank Cruiser, Ram Mark II
Main Utility Type
Country of Use
Canadian Armoured Corps
1943, 1944, Montreal Locomotive Works
Vickers Armstrongs Ltd., Canada
World War 2
location in the museum
Britain at Bay
1174 is serial number : 159402 = 1158, so 1174 = 159418 (1174 is Tank Arsenal No.)

Canada's potential as a manufacturer of war materials was not overlooked by the War Office in London. Vast numbers of transport vehicles were designed to British requirements and supplied to the Allies throughout the war. Tanks were a more difficult proposition but in 1941 the Canadian Pacific Railway Company built some 1,400 Valentine tanks, most of which were supplied to Russia. The next stage was to design and build something more modern and the result was the Ram, named, it is said, from the family crest of Major General Frank Worthington, the senior Canadian tank officer.

The design of the Ram (in particular the engine, transmission and suspension), was based upon the American Medium M3 (Lee) and many components were supplied by the United States. Yet the Ram also revealed British influence. Early models had an auxiliary machine-gun turret and they were normally armed with British guns; 2 pounder and 6 pounder. The Montreal Locomotive Works undertook production of some 2,000 Rams but they never saw active service as gun tanks.

Rams were used by Canadian forces in Britain for training, but the regiments all fought in Shermans. Some Rams went to Europe as Observation Post tanks for the Royal Artillery but they are best remembered as turretless Kangaroo armoured personnel carriers. After the war many Rams were supplied to the Dutch Army and our exhibit came from Holland. It is interesting because it was rearmed at one time with a 75mm gun and was later used as a mobile target for light weapons, which is why every possible opening has been sealed or welded over. The data below applies to a standard Ram II gun tank c 1944.

The tank was originally acquired in the Netherlands by Sherwood Rangers Association for display in Nijmegen, and 17th/21st Lancers had undertaken to restore it for plinthing. A Sherman, however, was felt to be more suitable, so the Tank Museum acquired a plinthed M4A1 of Royal Scots Dragoon Guards from the School of Infantry at Warminster. It was shipped to 17th/21st Lancers, and will be replaced at Warminster by a Centurion, suitable for plinthing, from Sutton Coldfield.

The Ram was shipped to Marchwood from Antwerp on RFA Sir Lancelot.

The Ram is characteristic of those produced between registration CT159402 and 159502. It has the auxilliary machine-gun turret, no side doors or ventilation louvres in the hull sides and the turret pistol ports have been replaced with circular plates. It has Sherman-type T54E1 track links and Sherman suspension with trailing return follers. The aerial mounts are in depressions on the turret roof, not mounted on brackets as in earlier tanks. One of a small batch acquired by the Dutch Army in 1946 and armed with the QF 75mm Mark 5. Vehicle audit 2019 Sighting Equipment No gunner’s sight but mounting is present
Mounting for driver’s periscope but periscope is missing
Internal Stowage gun controls present but rusting
Commander’s seat has fallen off mounting, loader’s seat is present, driver’s seat is missing cushion, hull turret’s seat is missing but base is present.
Large rusty piece of metal in turret
Escape hatch is missing
Two fire extinguishers in rear of tank
Hull turret hatch on floor of hull turret External stowage boxes are welded shut
Full Tracked
Gun - 75 mm Gun QF Mark 5 stamped 75mm mk. 5 on breech
Armament - Main Weapon Type
Continental R-975C4, 9 cylinder radial
5 Forward, 1 Reverse
Vertical volute spring
co-axial machine gun - .30 cal missing mount stamped: no.4321 RAM 2 mount machine gun cal .30 co-axial 1942
Armament - Secondary Weapon Type
Hull turret machine gun - .30 cal machine gun is missing, part of mounting is present
Armament - Secondary Weapon Type
Vehicle Statistics
Number (Crew)
Weight (Overall)
Maximum (Speed - Road)
Type (Fuel)
Calibre (Main Gun)
Power (Engine Output)
Volume (Fuel)
Radius (Range)
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