The Tank Museum | Key Stage 3 and 4

Key Stage 3 and 4

Education Workshops for Years 7 to 11

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A lively, interactive tour through time from the very first tank to the one in use with the British Army today. In the Tank Story workshop, pupils will discover how the development of armoured vehicles reflects key events in 20th Century history.

Goes well with: Any of our other KS3 and KS4 workshops.


The Chieftain is an impressive British Main Battle tank from the Cold War period. Pupils can climb inside to find out how it works and what conditions were like for the crew. There is a minimum height restriction of 1.25m. We request trousers and flat shoes are worn for this activity as pupils access the tank by climbing into a hatch from the top of the vehicle.

Goes well with: The Changing Nature of Warfare, The First World War Tank Experience.



The Tommy in the Trenches workshop uses the Museum’s superb reconstructed trench system and items from the handling collection including uniforms, helmets, rifles, gasmasks and grenades to give students a real and immediate experience of what life was like for the average Tommy. The workshop places the conflict in context of the politics and society of the period.

Goes well with: The First World War Tank Experience, Modern Warfare: Afghanistan, The Changing Nature of Warfare.


In the Medicine on the Western Front workshop, pupils will explore how British casualties on the Western Front were cared for by the men and women of the Army Medical Services during the First World War. Using the Museum’s handling collection and by undertaking immersive role play activities, pupils will learn about the medical problem posed by the Western Front and examine how the British solved it.

NC Links: Key Stage 3 History, Edexcel and AQA 9-1 GCSE exam boards.

Goes well with: First World War Tank Experience and Tommy in the Trenches


The Tank Museum is the only place in the world you can climb inside a real First World War Mark IV tank. The First World War Tank Experience includes an interactive talk on why the tank was invented, how it worked and what life was like for the crew. 

Goes well with: Tommy in the Trenches, Modern Warfare: Afghanistan, The Changing Nature of Warfare.


How did a struggling Austrian artist with a poor education record and no career prospects in 1918 become the Chancellor of Germany by 1933? Using a combination of the Museum’s handling collection and original footage, pupils will examine not only how Hitler rose to power but also discover his often forgotten bid for power by force in 1923. During the Hitler's Rise to Power workshop, pupils will also develop source analysis skills and practice their public speaking.

Goes well with: The Changing Nature of Warfare.


Why did Britain invade Afghanistan in 2001? What daily life threatening events would British soldiers face in Helmand Province? Which vehicles did the British use and why? These are only some of the questions that pupils will consider in the newly improved Modern Warfare: Afghanistan workshop. In this session, pupils will take an immersive tour around the Museum’s Battlegroup Afghanistan exhibition which was created to look like a Forward Operating Base. Pupils will get to examine kit used on operations, including a number of British vehicles, and explore what daily life was like for British soldiers in a very modern conflict.

Goes well with: The Changing Nature of Warfare.



In this hands-on session pupils explore how warfare has changed over the 20th and 21st centuries. In the Changing Nature of Warfare workshop, pupils will explore a number of topics by looking at the British infantryman from 1914 to current day by handling kit, equipment and related weapons. Pupils will discuss different types of warfare and examine new threats to the soldier from gas to nuclear to IEDs. A source analysis like no other.

Goes well with: The First World War Tank Experience, Tommy in the Trenches, Hitler’s Rise to Power, Modern Warfare: Afghanistan.



Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths workshops.

2 x workshops

Using Lego Mindstorms pupils will work in teams to build a working set of tracks for a remote control tank and run it successfully over an obstacle course. Trouble with Tracks is a practical, hands on exploration of engineering in the real world.


New for 2019

Have a go at constructing a quarter size model of a tank from the Second World War – the Sherman Firefly! In this hands on activity, children will learn about the men who served in Shermans and assemble the tank from a number of key parts such as the hull, turret, guns, sprockets and suspension. Find out what each section does and how they work together. Engineering on a new Scale!


New for 2019

Visit our newly built Conservation Workshop on selective days throughout the year. This will be a unique opportunity for pupils to get up close to the tanks that are being restored and maintained. Under supervision, children will be able to handle components from the tanks, discover how they are pieced together and learn why it is important to care for the collection. Qualified engineers will be on hand to answer any questions and encourage the children to take an interest in science and engineering. 

Dates available to be booked: 

  • 5th of June 2019 
  • 10th of July 2019 
  • 25th of September 2019 
  • 16th of October 2019 
  • 22nd of January 2020 
  • 12th of February 2020

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