The Tank Museum is voted No.1 Tourist Attraction in Dorset

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For the tourist industry worldwide, TripAdvisor has been an amazing creation. When you go on holiday, you can use the recommendations of thousands of others to decide everything from what you eat, where you sleep, and what you do.

Since July 2016, The Tank Museum has been one of Dorset’s top visitor attractions according to this consumer website, with 80% of over two thousand visitors giving it five stars.

TripAdvisor is utilised constantly by the staff at the Museum to show us what we’re doing right and where we can improve. Every review is read and passed on to the relevant department, and is used to implement changes at the Museum.

 "TripAdvisor tells us what our customers really think, and we learn a lot from what people have to say about the exhibitions, collections and our customer service,” says Museum Director, Richard Smith. "We've worked hard for, and are proud of, our position as the highest rated attraction in Dorset.

“The glowing reviews we have received show we are a Museum that brings its subject to life; entertaining, educating and moving visitors from across the world. And it is always most gratifying to read such powerfully positive reviews from people who didn't think the Museum would interest them.  We hope this will encourage others who read them to give The Tank Museum a try."

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Fantastic day out

We recently visited as a family and what a lovely museum. There was so much to see and do and we didn't have enough time to see it all, thankfully are tickets are valid for a year so we can go back and visit. There was so much to take in and for the children they get a passport where they can collect stamps as they go around. Brilliant set up and plenty to do just make sure you give yourself plenty of visiting time. Julesglass1977, TripAdvisor review January 2017

Great place to get up close to history!

I visited the museum with my husband, niece and nephew. I have always been interested in history but in most museums the exhibits are behind glass or at an arms-length. You can't really get close to them. This place allows you to walk up to the tanks and see just how big they are and you smell the engine oil. It's not a polished velvet rope sort of place. Children are welcomed and they have exhibits especially designed for them. There is a lot to see in one day and the ticket is good for a year so you can go back. It covers from the First World War through present day operations around the world. It is access friendly for anyone with mobility issues as well. I will be going back again! Indigo_Dog_11, TripAdvisor review December 2016


Excellent all round. Plenty to keep young and old alike captivated. Vast collection of tanks and some wonderful historic information. Getting an annual pass for the cost of entry is a great touch, as this is certainly worth a return visit. – Tom S, TripAdvisor review December 2016

Wow what a collection!!

Decided to go here on a break and well surprised wasn't the word! It was easy to find and plenty of car park space. Every member of staff I encountered was helpful and pleasant. To get up and close to the tanks was amazing and what a collection!! Even my girlfriend who wasn't interested before we got there, was surprised and enjoyed the day. The food in the restaurant was good and we will be going back soon. If you’re into tanks and military, I'd definitely recommend this Museum!! – Philip G, TripAdvisor Review December 2016