The Tank Museum | Group Visits FAQ

Group Visits FAQ

All you need to know to plan your group visit

1. What is the minimum and maximum group size?

The minimum group size is 10, there is no maximum. 

If you opt for a guided tour, the most number of people who can be accommodated for 1 tour guide is 25 people. If you bring more people the group may need to be split in two, needing two guides. 

2. How do we pay for the visit?

Groups can pay in advance by either bank transfer, cheque or card. If you pay in advance by bank transfer minimum numbers must be confirmed and payment made 7 days before the visit. After this time you can add extra people to the booking but you will not be able to reduce the number on the booking. 

Any payments by bank transfer should use your booking reference as a reference.

If you prefer to pay on the day you can do so, but in this case we will only accept cash, card or cheque. All group members must arrive together and make just one payment in order to take advantage of the group rate. 

If you have booked a tour payment must be made in advance. 

3. Does the group rate include an annual pass?

The group rate admission does not include an annual pass. If the members of your group want an annual pass they should buy their tickets individually on the website. They will pay the standard rate. 

4. What do you offer Youth Groups?

Uniformed youth groups such as Scout, Cubs, Guides and Cadets can benefit from the group rate and are also eligible for free places for group leaders. The number of free adult places is dependent on the size of the group. We recommend a ratio of 1/10 for secondary school age children and 1/6 for primary aged.

5. Where do coaches park?

See map here

6. I am a blue badge guide, what does the Tank Museum offer?

Blue Badge guides can enter for free, please show your badge at the admissions desk.

7. What dates can we have a guided tour?

Please contact the Marketing Team for availability but please be aware as a general rule we do not accept booking for guided tours during event days, Easter Holiday and Summer Holiday weekdays.

8. Can I celebrate my birthday party / special occasion at the Tank Museum?

There is no birthday party package currently offered but you are welcome to enjoy your birthday at The Tank Museum and avail yourselves of the group rate or a guided tour. We please ask that groups of children are properly supervised by an appropriate number of adults. We recommend a ratio of 1/10 for secondary school aged pupils and 1/6 for primary aged.  You are welcome to use the cafĂ©, restaurant and soft play area and can also bring your own food and cake. Please just ensure that no candles are lighted within the museum as this can set off our fire alarms.

For a more luxurious experience on your special occasion we are able to offer private room hire and bespoke catering, please see our venue hire page